Sunday, February 8, 2009

YE-HAW! Huevocito, Gracie, and Summer Go to the Rodeo

Huevocito was so excited! The sixtieth annual San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was coming to town. He was looking forward to going to the Stock Show with his friend Gracie. 

"Huevocito, we are going to the stock show this week, " said Gracie. "Let's go to the western store and look for a cowboy hat to wear!"

"Gracie," said Huevocito, "what is a cowboy hat?"

"A cowboy hat is a type of hat worn by ranchers in the western and southern United States, western Canada, northern Mexico, and others, such as rodeo riders and country-western singers, also wear cowboy hats. A cowboy hat has a special shape--it has a tall crown and its broad rim protects a cowboy or cowgirl against the sun," responded Gracie. "Our hats will just be pretty!"

So Huevocito and Gracie headed off to buy cowboy hats. Gracie picked a pretty pink hat, and Huvocito chose a bright red felt cowboy hat.

The next day, Huevocito and Grace, and Gracie's baby sister, Summer, went to the stock show. They saw many animals from farms---chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, horses, sheep, and goats. There were many nice people who talked to Gracie and Huevocito about farms and farming. Gracie and Huevocito saw the animals being groomed and cared for by young people from nearby rural communities. It was obvious that the animals were well-loved.

The most fun Gracie, Huevocito, and Summer had was when they got to feed baby animals. The little lambs and goats followed them and ate right out of their hands. The animals were so soft!
They also were able to see many of the machines that are used on farms, and even got to sit on a tractor.

The day was long and there were so many things to see! It was such a fun day. Look at the photos that Gracie and Huevocito took at their day at the rodeo. And check out those hats!

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