Sunday, March 1, 2009

Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Huevocito woke up early on the first day of March, a Sunday. The south Texas morning was cold, but the sun was bright. Huevocito knew that the day would warm up and it would be perfect for gardening. He stepped outside. To his amazement, he saw that two very pretty flowers had already bloomed in his garden--one white and one red.

He also saw some beautiful roses had bloomed on the bush that Gracie's great-grandma had planted many years ago. They were white with just a touch of pink on the petals' edges.(Gracie's middle name is Charlotte, after her great-grandma).The Texas laurel tree was dripping with grape-colored clusters of flowers. Huevocito loved those because they smelled like purple Kool Aid! The tiny flowers on the Mexican heather bushes were in full bloom.

It was exciting to know that spring had finally arrived. He and Gracie knew just how they would spend his day--digging in the dirt, planting new flowers, and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

He got ready. First, he knew he had to wear a hat. Even though it was cool, he knew he would need a hat to protect his little head from the bright sun. Where had he put it? He hadn't used it since September. He looked under his bed--no, not there. He looked in the closet where he kept his coat--no not there. He asked Gracie if she had seen it. "Huevocito, my friend, I think it is in the garden shed, where it belongs." said Gracie.

"Of course, Gracie!" said Huevocito.

Huevocito and Gracie went to the garden shed, and saw his hat--hanging on the hook by the door, right where he hung it after he picked pumpkins in September.

He popped the hat on top of his head. He loved this hat. It was sturdy and made of straw. It was a good hat to protect him from the sun.

Huevocito and Gracie looked around the shed. What kind of tools would they need to plant some flowers?

The dirt had become hard over the winter. They wanted to break up the soil in the garden. The right tool for that job is a garden hoe. They found the hoe.

Then they would need a garden rake to smooth the dirt after he broke up the hard dirt. The rake was hanging from a peg on the wall.

Lastly, they would need a shovel to dig nice round holes to plant the flowers in. They saw the shovel leaning against the wall in the corner of the shed.

They gathered the tools and some flowers that Gracie's grandma had bought to plant and headed to the garden. They prepared the dirt, dug the holes, and planted the flowers.

They stepped back , looked at each other, and said, "PERFECT!" What a fun day it was for Huevocito and Gracie. They can't wait to plant more flowers.

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Rubi said...

. . .Can I hire Huevocito? I'd love to have him come over and help with my garden! And tell him not to worry. . . I have plenty of sombreros he can use!